First published in October of 1972, the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce is one of the oldest student-edited international law reviews in the United States, with a strong and diverse subscription base across the globe. The Journal serves as an organ of expression for those who have an interest in the studies of international law and commerce.

The Journal actively seeks and accepts lead article submissions from scholars and practitioners on a wide range of subjects concerning public and private international law for biannual publication. Each issue of the Journal also proudly publishes two student-written notes chosen for publication by the Executive Board.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the Journal of International Law and Commerce is preparing for the release of Volume 51! We are excited to announce the following articles to be published later this year:

Volume 51.1

1. Su Young Cho, Departing from Nationalism v. Internationalism: Analyzing the Oe-Kyujanggak Restitution Model to Suggest a Negotiation Method that Could Adequately Compensate the Interest of Both the Countries of Origin and Museums that Hold the Cultural Heritage.

2. Eduardo Kreimerman Meyohas, An Impossible Choice for Foreign Banks: The Role of International Cooperation in the Clash of the U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 with Swiss and French Bank Secrecy Laws

3. Shigenori Matsui, Is “My Number” Really My Number?: National Identification Number and the Right to Privacy in Japan

4. Asif Qureshi, The US CHIPS and Science Act of 2022: A Self-Interested Indulgence in Foreign Trade and Science or a Model for Future Development?

Volume 51.2

1. Lucas V. Di Lena, Data Privacy Regulation’s Impact on the Global Digital Innovation Economy: An Analysis of International Regulatory Effects on the Technology Industry

2. Taville Francis, Pass the Kush: Practicality of Establishing a Viable Jamaican Cannabis Export Industry Under Current International Drug Regime

3. Robert Hu, Apology as Intellectual Property Remedy in China: A Preliminary Examination of American Litigation Experiences

4. Faraz Shahlaei, State-Sponsored Doping and International State Responsibility: Caveats of the International Anti-Doping System

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