Volume 44, Issue 1 (Fall 2016)


Sha-Shana Crichton
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Jamaica’s Duty to Deliver Timely Reserved Judgments and Written Reasons for Judgment

Benoît Mayer & Mikko Rajavuori
National Fossil Fuel Companies and Climate Change Mitigation under International Law


Lauren Gabrielle Blau
Victimizing Those They Were Sent to Protect: Enhancing Accountability for Children Born of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation by UN Peacekeepers

Timothy M. Boucher
Cross-Border Emergency Response: Decreasing International Border Crossing Wait Times and Maintaining Heightened Security Vigilance in the Post 9/11 Era

Alex Feigenbaum
Cheers!: An Examination of “Vodka” Under Legal Regimes for the Protection of Geographic Indications and Appellations of Origin

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